'I aim to be able to help people have the relationship with their horses that they dream of.' 

Because of this, education is important, it spreads valuable information about welfare and aids people to reach their own personal goals with their horses and donkeys making it much more enjoyable to own these incredible creatures.


Anatomy and Biomechanics

Connect with your horse, learn what makes them work.

This course goes into the main parts of the anatomy that is important for movement and posture. The biomechanics section takes you a step further, using what you have learnt in anatomy and connects it to how the horse uses it in movement. Also looking at when these structures aren't working properly, how does that affect the horse in day to day life as well as training. 

Powerpoint presentation and handouts.


Conformation vs Posture

What is conformation? How is it different to posture?  Can we change it? How do I know my horse has bad confirmation or posture? In this course, we answer these questions and more, as well as go into what exercises we do to improve our horse's posture and way of going.

Powerpoint presentation and handouts.



How Your Horse Thinks

Dive into how horses think!

Learn about their natural instincts and how this affects training and can be used to help behavioural problems and day to day connections. Come away with new angles of communication with your horse...you will be amazed!

Powerpoint presentation and handouts