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Exercise and Obstacle Clinics

The Exercise and Obstacle Clinics are an opportunity to let your horse experience new and different environments in a safe place. It will reach out to their potential and provide fitness through the exercises and the obstacles will challenge and encourage thinking and stimulation.

A great way to train, manage and build confidence for the horse and rider.

Exercise and Obstacle Clinics are Stepping Up!!!

We are now doing levels so you have goals to work towards and more structure in your sessions.


If you are an Intelligent Horsemanship Member you can now come and be assessed for your I.H Award!!! 


We have now started the Exercise and Obstacle Club so you can meet like-minded people, share your goals and achievements, and access talks about behaviour and biomechanics.

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Hosted at RDA Woodbridge, The Bays, Monewden Road, Clopton, Woodbridge, IP13 6QL

Start time 5pm

In-hand Group Clinics:

On request 


What to Expect

These clinics can be 1 to 1 or small groups depending on the school size available.

1 to 1 is £40

Group session (2 to 6 people) is £35


What are Exercise and Obstacle Clinics?

It is an hour session that involves obstacles to go over, through and under, and specific exercises to strengthen and stretch your horse. As well as guidance, help and support throughout the session.

What are the Benefits to You and Your Horse? 

These sessions will test your horse's confidence and bodily awareness, aid in improving your horse's posture and stabilise muscles for young to old horses. It will give you and your horse a safe environment to build confidence and communication. It will help you find the right timing, and body language, get a better understanding of pressure and release and it's a ton of fun!

What Will This help You With? 

This is an excellent opportunity to help horses that spook in-hand and under-saddle or help to gain underlying muscles, build a strong partnership and give a new and fun thing to do with your horse (and/or donkey!!). 

What Equipment Will I Need?

All you need is a suitable head collar or Dually halter and a long line for your horse if we are doing in-hand work. Under-saddle it is recommended to have a head collar underneath your bridle and a long line on the side just in case you need to take a step back and do some in-hand work. 

You will need a riding hat, glovesboots and suitable clothing that will protect you, i.e. sleeves and trousers/jodhpurs. 

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