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Hall of Achievements

When rehabilitating and training your horse, it is a long journey and it is important to take a step back and see the improvements you have made, not just the end goal. So here are some achievements that people have made along their journey!!!

Tina & Darcey
Tina has done such a fantastic job with her gorgeous horse, Darcey. We have just done the third session and the change in Darcey is fantastic. Their partnership and trust has grown and as you can see, Darcey is very relaxed with Tina and now isn't fazed with the new things we do with him. I am so excited for this pair and looking forward to when they get out there hacking and having fun as a partnership.


Annabel, Ebony & Florence 

Annabel has had Ebony and Florence since young and has done a great job with them. We have been practising handling from being tied up, groomed and hoof picked, leading out on walks around the farm and meeting the goats! Just before Christmas, Annabel and I reached a goal that both of us were very excited about, we took them out on their first trip in the trailer!! Our aim is to be able to take them out to places to see new things and go on walks outside of the farm and having a very successful first trip in the trailer was one of our small achievements towards our goal! Well done Annabel, Ebony and Florence!!!


Sophie & Rocky
Sophie is at the start of her journey with Rocky, aiming to improve his posture and overall strength. It hasn't been long but Rocky has already started to have a more stable and lifted back as shown in the picture and is on track with his exercise plan. Our aim with him is to carry on strengthening and improving his posture. I have been blown away by Sophie's dedication to Rocky's rehab exercises and looking forward to seeing their end goal.  

Rock before.png
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