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What to Expect From a Session 

Veterinary Physiotherapy

For physiotherapy treatment, non-maintenance, a referral from a vet is required. A form should be completed given the vet's diagnostics and permission to treat the animal. For maintenance, a vet referral is not needed. 

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Each session will start with a chat about the reason for the session and concerns. We will discuss goals and what will be required to reach them.



A full assessment will be required to get a good picture of what is going on. This consists of a trot up, range of motion of joints and palpation of the soft tissues. From this, key points are identified and will guide the treatment and rehabilitation plan. 


Using the findings from the assessment treatment will be given accordingly using the most appropriate method from a variety of modalities that can be used to aid in healing, soft tissue quality and mobility. To find out more about the treatments available click on tab below:

Exercise Program


An exercise program will be created to both suit you and your animal. This will aid in rehabilitation, promote correct movement that will prevent injury and compensatory issues.

Horse and Donkey Training


The session starts with a discussion about your horse or donkey. From this, an idea of where we need to start in training and what short term and/or long term goals will be made. It is also a good time for your animal to get to know me before starting work. 


In this session, the animal and owner begin to learn training methods that they can continue in day to day contact, using communication skills that will aid them. Training sessions are useful for:

  • Improving handling

  • learning equine psychology and training

  • loading

  • Standing at the mounting block

  • And much more

Each train session will be adapted and tailored to each 

animal to get the best outcome.