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Intelligent Horsemanship Trainer

Emma is an Intelligent Horsemanship Trainer (IHT) and works with both horses and donkeys. She has over 10yrs experience with horses, working as an instructor, rehabilitation groom for the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare and studying behaviour and training. 

She specialises in confidence building for both owner and horse, groundwork and foundation skills for young horses and exercise and obstacle clinics. She is able to provide services that cater to physical and behavioural problems for horses and donkeys.  

Training and behaviour solving is based on equine psychology and the experience from having worked with all types of breeds, ages and temperaments.

The initial visit will provide you with an overall assessment. Based on this plan, training can be organised. If some issues require pain treatment then a physio session can be booked. EJS has the benefit of having two skills of training, dealing with behaviour but also physical problems. 

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