EJS Vet Physio provides a full range of services including veterinary physiotherapy, equine training and education. Here are some experiences people have had with EJS Vet Physio.

As well as being such a friendly person and a pleasure to work with, Emma is exceptionally skilled at her work. I contacted her to help me improve the confidence of my young donkeys and to teach me how to handle them in such a way to bring out the very best of their capabilities.

Ebony and Florence absolutely adore her and together they have come on beyond all recognition. Simple but crucial things like loading on and off their trailer in a totally calm happy way, walking in a relaxed way when being led and knowing exactly what is being asked of them and confidently doing it are all things Emma has taught them. She really is a star! As soon as they see her car coming they are beyond excited which really tells you everything you need to know. She is now moving on to doing agility with them and I am so looking forward to learning more from her. I cannot recommend her highly enough and have no doubt anyone would be incredibly impressed by her calm, friendly and highly skilled manner and the results she achieves with animals. Perhaps the biggest lesson for Ebony and Florence is how to share their beloved Emma with anyone else!

Annabel & Ebony & Florence 2022


Florence & Ebony


Ebony & Annabel

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Murphy had a fabulous first session with Emma a short while ago and it was very interesting to learn about how everything works. Emma is so lovely and Murphy was so happy and relaxed for the whole treatment. I would really recommend Emma, she's so lovely and Murph and I are looking forward to her next visit!

Lily & Murphy 2021

Emma is a great physio. She came to see my young horse a few months ago. She made her feel relaxed and picked up on her pressure points, and with massage started to wake up her muscles. Very friendly and careful with explaining her physio with exercise to do in between treatments

Jackie & Gladys 2021

Kiora had her first session with Emma. Kiora remained relaxed during the 2 hrs. Will continue with the physio plan. Would recommend.

Caroline & Kiora 2021

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