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About Emma 

Emma has had a passion for horses since she was 8 years old, participating in pony club activities and exams. She started working with horses at 16 and now with over 10 years of experience, working as an instructor, rehabilitation groom for the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare, studying behaviour and training, she is an Intelligent Horsemanship Trainer and a qualified veterinary physiotherapist. She is now providing services that cater to physical and behavioural problems for horses and donkeys. 


I aim to help people have the relationship with their horses that they dream of.

This has been one of my goals since I started my journey over 10 years ago as an Intelligent Horsemanship student. During this time I have learned about training and the natural behaviour of the horse and I am now able to provide help to owners for their horse's behaviour but also the physical welfare as a veterinary physiotherapist.  

"Horses are our silent partners. When we learn their language. This partnership grows strong."

Monty Roberts

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