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Exercise and Obstacle Clinic


At EJS, we aim to bring physiotherapy and equine behaviour together to create physical and emotional harmony for your horse.

Emma is an Intelligent Horsemanship Trainer with over 10 years of experience with horses. She has worked as a rehabilitation groom for the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare, starting Emma's journey into Veterinary Physiotherapy.

She is now a fully insured and qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist, under the AHPR and NAVP, aiming to provide evidence-backed treatments for maintaining, prevention and recovery, getting the best out of your horse. 

With the knowledge Emma has gained over the years, she has found that there is so much that could be given to owners. The goal for EJS Animal Studies is to provide courses and workshops for everyone and anyone who wants to expand their own knowledge. 

Organisations the EJS Vet Physio and Horsemanship are under:

Mission Statement

Our end goal is to be an investment to you and your horse. EJS have a unique practice that can help you get the most out of your horse physically and behaviourally.

With regular physiotherapy, EJS can keep your horse working at it best but also catch problems before they get too big. 

In training and behaviour, EJS can help you improve your communication, relationship and have a horse that you have dreamed of. 



Emma has had a passion for horses since she was young and it has only strengthened over the years. 


Your sessions will be catered to you and your horse. The initial session you will have is to get the basics and build the plan for you to move forwards with.

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Equine Welfare and Safety

Emma puts the welfare and safety of you and your horse first, making sure that whatever exercises you do is safe and well prepared for.

Research & Improvments

Emma is always looking at what she can improve on, you will find her shadowing the masters and learning new techniques.

Am I Right For You 

Do you have:

  • A project horse?

  • A horse that you hack out with?

  • A horse that you compete on?

  • A horse that is recovering from an injury?

  • A horse with a behavioural problem?

  • A retired horse?

Do you want to:

  • Improve your horse's way of going?

  • Improve your horse's posture?

  • Have better communication with your horse?

  • Expand your knowledge?

  • Keep your horse at their best?

  • Prevent injuries and catch future problems early?

  • Build up your confidence?

If any of these are a yes, then EJS can help you!

"I would recommend Emma highly, she is so gentle and quiet around horses when she works with them and how she uses her body language to communicate with them. Alongside training, she also does physiotherapy and implements them together in her in-hand work."

Sophie and Lily 

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